NICOP is mandatory for all individuals (adults and children) who fall in the following categories:
a) All dual nationality holders. b) Landed immigrants. c) Persons residing abroad for more than six months.
Requirements for NICOP
1. Application Form
- Please fill in the form in BLACK INK and clearly print or type only in CAPITAL letters. A block may be left empty where a word ends and a new word begins in the same line.
- Present Address in the form indicates Address in Canada.
- Permanent Address in the form indicates Address in Pakistan.
- Applicant must put left thumb impression using black thumb pad and signature on the form.
- All Muslim applicants must sign in the declaration box No. 32.
- Two colored passport size photographs stamped by the photographer in Canada, taken within past three months.
- Application must be attested by CNIC/NICOP holder. Parents, spouse, brother and sister can not attest the form.
- Only completely filled in application submitted by the applicant personally or through registered / Courier Mail will be acceptable.
Note: Applicants sending their documents through mail should invariably enclose a pre-paid, self addressed envelope for their receipt of payment.
2. Supporting Documents
- Photocopy of National Identity Card (NIC) / Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).
- Photocopies of Pakistani Passport (first 4 pages) or Canadian Passport.
- For married women holding NIC in maiden name (woman's name before marriage), photocopy of husband's NIC/CNIC and marriage certificate.
- Photocopy of foreign passport / PR Card / landing paper / Citizenship Card / valid status for living abroad.
- Photocopies of parents National Identity Cards for those who do not have their own NIC/CNIC.
3. NICOP for Children
- Completely filled in NICOP form.
- Photocopy of RG (II) or B ( ) Form or Child Registration Certificate (CRC) issued by NADRA (if available).
- Photocopies of Pakistani or Canadian Passport.
- Photocopies of parents National Identity Cards (NIC) / Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).
- Photocopy of Citizenship / PR card for foreign nationals / birth certificate of children born in Canada.
- Parents must write names of children who can not sign in signature box.
- Children must put left thumb impression using black thumb pad in thumb impression box.
4. Fee
- Bank Draft in the name of "NADRA-Pakistan" for CD $20 per card (for regular mail from Pakistani Consulate to your residence in Canada) OR CD $30 per card (including DHL service charges) directly from NADRA Pakistan to your residence in Canada.
For more than one card, a consolidated draft can be prepared for the family.
Note: NICOP will be issued by NADRA in Pakistan. On receipt by the mission, cards will be mailed to the applicant's mailing address through regular mail unless paid for DHL services. Card processing time is 16 weeks.
(Note: Habib Canadian Bank has a booth within the premises of the Consulate General of Pakistan, Toronto, and has a CD $5 service charges.)

For NICOP Status online, please see NICOP Tracking on
For further information, status of your application and concerns regarding NICOP, please contact designated official for overseas cards NADRA Pakistan as follows:
Facilitation Cell, NICOP Directorate, email:,, website:
Tel. No: 92-51-9208606 or 92-51-90391918